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Family life is a journey full of hills and valleys. Sometimes it's smooth sailing, other times not so much.We know that properly preparing yourself for these highs and lows is a must. That's why we use the best resources avalible to help couples properly prepare for marriage. Topics range from contraception and finances to dealing with addictions and illness, as well as defining the sacrifice of  the sacrament.   

We have a very special place in our hearts for youth. We realize that our young people are our future. As a community, it is our duty to help our kids prepare for this life and for eternal life. By offering faith formation programs, retreats, conferences, pilgrimages, youth rallies, and much more! It's not enough that we become saints; we too must  become the formers of saints. 

Our faith is compiled of both Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture. This is called Sacred Deposit of the Faith. We have acess to countless programs to help your family grow in knowledge of Christ, His Church and Church teachings. It's also important for a family to play together. Therefore, we offer simple suggestions on ways families can come together for recreation.    

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